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F.No.-47/03/Retro- Reflective Signage board (LPC)/2018/RIS/ES-153 Invitation of Quotation for Supply and installation of Retro- Reflective Signage board 22-01-2018 29-01-2018
F.No.32/45I/20I8(RIS) Inviting Quotation for Department of Anatomy 20-01-2018 26-01-2018
F. No.32/279/2016(RIS) Inviting Quotation for Department of Ophthalmology. 20-01-2018 26-01-2018
F.No.32/448/2018(RIS) Invitation of Quotation for Flipcutters for ACL Reconstruction 17-01-2018 23-01-2018
F.No.32/391/2017(RIS) Invitation of Quotation for Dept. of Transfusion Medicine 17-01-2018 23-01-2018
F. No:AIIMS-R/ENT/2018/4326 Invitation of Quotation for Audiometry Booth 17-01-2018 31-01-2018
F.No.32/135/2015(RIS) Inviting quotation for Department of Pathology 17-01-2018 23-01-2018
F.No.32/450/2018(RIS) Invitation of quotation for Blood Transfusion Safety System 17-01-2018 23-01-2018
F.No.32/449/2018(RIS) Invitation of Quotation for Fully Automated BP Monitor 17-01-2018 23-01-2018
20A/AREU/AIIMS/Rishikesh/2017-18 Providing and fixing M.S ladders on terrace for cleaning and maintenance of RCC tanks in residential complex 17-01-2018 24-01-2018
F.No.32/263/2016(RIS) Invitation of Quotation for Puncture Proof Container 16-01-2018 22-01-2018
F-.No.32/276(1)/2014(RIS) Inviting of Quotation for Department of Anatomy 16-01-2018 22-01-2018
F-.No.32/445/2018(RIS) Inviting of Quotation for Department of CTVS 16-01-2018 22-01-2018
47/01/LPC /2017/RIS/ES-68 Invitation of Quotation for Exhaust fan & Surface mounted LED Panel Light 16-01-2018 22-01-2018