Research Facts & Proposed Areas

Research Facilities at AIIMS, Rishikesh

Neurology Lab:

Recently a neurology lab has been established at AIIMS Rishikesh with the support of organization of Neurological Surgeons Society of India (NSSI) for providing basic facilities to carryout neurological researches under the leadership of Director, AIIMS .

Research Core:

At AIIMS Rishikesh  establishment of a research core  has been envisaged with state -of -art facilities. It will be a centralized Multi-disciplinary Research Unit accessible to all the departments of medical college pursuing research. Research core will have facilities like- Flowcytrometery (comprising of Flow cytrometery machine and cell sorting units to carry out advance cell biology experiments), cell culture facility(comprising of laminar flow hoods,  CO2 water jacketed incubators, cell counters etc.  to carry out mammalian cell culture experiments). A Microscopy facility will be setup as part of research core consisting of Confocal Immunofluroscence microscopy, Light Microscopy. Real time PCR facility will also be set up as the part of Research Core along with Gradient PCR units.