Emergency Services

The Departments of Trauma and Emergency at All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS), Rishikesh, provide around the clock (24X7) care who require immediate care, either as a result of an accident or in a medical or surgical emergency. The department is staffed with experienced Physicians and Surgeons along with skilled nursing staff with specific training in emergency care.

We aim to provide all relevant services in a timely manner and we constantly strive to meet our aim to have all treatment provided within few hours.

We run Trauma Services at the same campus and offer immediate service according to ATLS protocol.

This is our humble request, If you have a minor injury or heath problem, then please do not visit the Emergency Department as this is only for patients with life-threatening conditions and if somebody is getting transferred from some other hospital to AIIMS Rishikesh, please contact on Emergency Land-line number (0135-2462503 ) beforehand.