The Department of Transfusion Medicine aims to provide safe and effective transfusion services to the needy. It also supports the patients from surrounding areas of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. It has all the State of Art equipments and technologies for blood collection, processing and testing; diagnostic and therapeutic facilities with best quality standards. The Department has started postgraduate course in Transfusion Medicine, and is pursuing many multidisciplinary research projects. It is in the process of updating and expanding its spectrum in terms of academic courses and incorporating latest technologies.

Services- Existing facilities- -Whole blood collection- In house as well as in Voluntary blood donation camps. - Blood donor counseling and notification. -Blood components- 100 % components preparation Packed red blood cells (PRBC)- SAGM and non-SAGM Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) Platelet Concentrates (PC) Cryoprecipitate Cryo Poor Plasma (CPP) - Modified blood components such as washed PRBCs, pediatric units (pedi bags). -TTI (Transfusion Transmitted Infection) testing of the collected blood units by Chemiluminescence immunoassay. Setting up of NAT (nucleic acid testing) lab is under process. - Therapeutic phlebotomy for the patients having high hemoglobin. - IAT (Indirect Antiglobulin Testing) and DAT (Direct Antiglobulin Testing). - Hemovigilance and Donor vigilance reporting under Hemovigilance program of India. - Updating our blood stock under e-Raktkosh.   Vision for future- Short term plans- - To start Platelet apheresis, leukapheresis and Therapeutic plasma exchanges, AND   Stem cell transplant. - To set up a state of art immunohematology laboratory in the department. - To start the facility of IUT (Intra Uterine Transfusions) in collaboration with the gynaecology department. - Installing blood irradiator and to issue irradiated components for indications like IUT, Exchange transfusions, for immunocompromised patients and candidates for Bone Marrow Transplant. - To start the facility of mobile blood donation camps. - To start the facility of thromboelastography for monitoring the functional hemostatic status of the patients. Long term plans-
  • To set up specialized services (antibody screening and providing extended phenotype matched blood) for thalassemic patients.
  • Pneumatic tube system for receiving and dispensing blood units.
  • Automation in immunohematology laboratory.
  • Computerization in blood bank through advanced level Blood bank software with iris recognition etc.
  • Diploma and Certificate courses for Medical Officers and Technicians.
  Faculty: Dr. Gita Negi Additional Professor cum HOD MD, FAIMER Fellow Fellowship in Transfusion Medicine. Special Interests: Apheresis, Coagulation studies, Stem cell transplant, Medical Education, Regenerative Medicine.   Dr. Sheetal Malhotra Assistant Professor MD Transfusion Medicine (PGIMER Chandigarh) Special Interests: Immunohematology, Apheresis, Stem cell collection, Coagulation studies.   Dr. Sushant Kumar Meinia Assistant Professor MD Transfusion Medicine Special Interests: Immunohaematology, Coagulation Studies, Apheresis, Regenerative Medicine.   Dr. Daljit Kaur Assistant Professor MD Transfusion Medicine Special Interests: Immunohematology, Apheresis, Clinical Transfusion Medicine, Quality Mangement System     Ongoing Research Projects:
  • Extramural
-Assessment of utility and effectiveness of NAT testing in comparison with ELISA and Chemiluminescence for HIV, HBV and HCV testing among donors in Uttarakhand.- Submitted for ICMR approval.
  • Intramural
  • Use of Quality Indicators to implement Quality Management System in the blood banks.
  • A pilot study to estimate the frequency of different red cell blood group antigens in RhD negative North Indian blood donors by molecular blood group genotyping.
  • A Prospective Interventional Study to Assess the Impact of a ‘Structured Compact Training’ on Knowledge and Skills of Safe Blood Transfusion Practices among Nurses Working in a Tertiary Care Institute.
  • Evaluation of transfusion thresholds and C:T ratios (Cross match- Transfusion) ratios for rational blood utilization- an important step towards Patient Blood Management.
  • PhD- Effect of platelet rich plasma in restoration of wound structure and function in non healing ulcers.
  • MD Transfusion Course was started in July 2017 session.
  • Teaching activities.
  • Seminars, webinars and practical sessions for PG students, technical and nursing staff, counselors.
  • Teaching sessions/ Integrated teaching for MBBS students.
  • World Blood Donor Day Celebrations, 14th June 2017- Lectures on ‘Blood Donor Recruitment and Motivation’ and ‘Rational use of blood’.
  • National Blood donor day celebrations, 1st October 2017 during the entire month of October- Organized Role play, Poster competition for MBBS and Nursing students.
  • Workshop for Residents of AIIMS, Rishikesh.
  Contact us: Department of Transfusion Medicine All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Rishikesh Uttarakhand, 249203. E-mail: Phone: 0135-2462967