Department of Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) - Head & Neck Surgery

Started on 19th March 2013

The department of ENT, Head and Neck Surgery came to its existence in March 2013 after Dr. Saurabh Varshney joined as Professor & Head in the department on 19.03.2013. In April 2013, Dr. Manu Malhotra joined the department as Assistant Professor. Presently, the following faculty members are working in the department:- MILESTONES
Date Milestones Facility / Services
19.03.2014 Department started  
27.05.2014 E.N.T. OPD services started 06 Days a week Facilities to diagnose and treat all E.N.T.& Head neck Diseases. Rigid- Nasal / Laryngeal and Otoendoscopy available Flexible video Laryngoscope available
30.12.2014 E.N.T. IPD services started Separate ENT ward
20.06.2014 E.N.T. OT services started Performing- Micro Ear surgery, Micro Laryngeal surgery(MLS), Endoscopic Sinus surgery (FESS), besides all routine E.N.T. & Head neck surgeries
06.08.2014 E.N.T. Audiology Laboratory started Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA), Tympanometry and Oto Acoustic Emission (OAE- TEOAE screening), BERA with ASSR
15.02.2016 4 Station Temporal Bone Lab has been sanctioned under National Programme of Prevention & Control of Deafness (NPPCD). To be functional by April 2017
12.05.2016 Cochlear Implant Programme started First Cochlear Implant Surgery performed on 12.05.2016
01.07.2016 Post graduate course MS (ENT) Started with 2 MS (ENT) candidates (July 2016)
06.11.2016 1st CME on Premalignant Conditions of Oral Cavity
EXTENSION PLAN: REHABILITATION UNIT- SPEECH & HEARING (R.U.S.H.) Rehabilitation Unit Speech & Hearing fully equipped with the diagnostic and therapeutic equipments like Pure Tone Audiometer, Impedance Audiometer, Speech analyser, Hearing aid analyser, Otoacoustic Emission Analyser and BERA/ASSR etc. Centre to provide rehabilitative services for the Hearing Impairment, Speech problems and post-laryngectomy speech disabled. Centre to have ear mould fabrication lab also. EMERGENCY SERVICES Life saving procedures on tracheobronchial tree, foreign bodies removal, trauma etc, besides all other ENT & Head neck emergency services will be provided in emergency 24 hrs x 7 days. SPECIALITY CLINICS
  • Vertigo/ Neurotology Clinic Vertigo / Neurotology services to include diagnosis and treatment of patients with balance disorders, facial nerve disorders etc. Hearing loss caused by inner ear damage and tumors of the ear and related structures.
  • Head neck Tumour Clinic Services will include diagnosis and treatment of patients with Head neck tumours.
  • Rhinology Clinic Services to include diagnosis and treatment of patients with diseases of nose & Paranasal sinuses (PNS)
  • Voice Clinic Services will include diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with voice /speech disorders. Speech/language assessments and therapy, dysphagia testing with therapy and augmentative alternate communication therapies for those who cannot speak.
  • Otology Clinic Evaluation and treatment services for ear diseases, balance, tinnitus and hearing problems.Services offered will include, basic audiologic testing, hearing aid recommendations and fittings.
  • Skull base Clinic A multidisciplinary team approach to plan and perform surgery for tumors of the skull base. The utilization of innovative approaches will enable the resection of otherwise difficult to approach lesions.
  • Sleep Clinic/ Lab A multidisciplinary team approach to investigate, diagnose, plan treatment and perform surgery for obstructive sleep apnea.
TEMPORAL BONE LABORATORY There will be fully equipped temporal bone lab for dissection of temporal bone for the training of the residents. RESEARCH & TRAINING We plan to have a very comprehensive schedule for training undergraduate students and residents in the field of ENT- Head and Neck surgery. The training will include theoretical teaching with main thrust on bedside clinical and surgical training. Besides, there will be a healthy academic atmosphere for free discussion on clinical cases among faculty and residents .Emphasis will be on interactive learning for students. FUTURE PLAN
  • To develop a dedicated center for head and neck cancer.
  • Comprehensive Cochlear Implant centre
  • Outreach Rural Services- The department plans to provide a comprehensive ENT service at the rural areas of Uttarakhand and nearby states of north India.
  • Audiology & Speech Language courses – DHLS/BASLP/MASLP/Ph.D
Contact Department of Otorhinolaryngology (E.N.T.) Email Id: All India Institute of Medical Sciences Virbhadra Marg RISHIKESH- 249 203 (Uttarakhand)