DEPARTMENTAL ACTIVITIES Student Educational Activities Under graduate (MBBS) education activities : -
  • The educational mission for the department is to cultivate future leaders in Medicine. At present the department is actively involved in the teaching of undergraduate medical students. The Medicine curriculum starts in the 3rd semester of the MBBS program and continues up to 9th semester.
Clinical Teaching: Students of three semesters are posted at a time in the department of medicine for learning the clinical skills,during the three hours of clinical class every day for each semester , the students are made to understand the cognitive basis of skills, these skills are demonstrated and finally they get an opportunity to practice these skills on patients under supervision. Lectures / Tutorials: The department has been allotted 4 Lectures & 2 tutorials per week for different semesters. The faculty in the department makes best effort to make these classes as interactive as possible. We are also arranging small group discussions and problem based learning sessions on a regular basis. The final professional exam in the subject of Medicine was held for the first time in the institute in November 2016. The external examiners had come from Institute of National importance. Total number of students who appeared in the exam were 38 and all of them cleared the examination. Eleven students were detained due to attendance shortage. These eleven students appeared in supplementary examination and cleared the examination.   Internship Programme:
  • Internshipprogrammeis being startedfrom 1st January of each year. Students are posted in medicine department according to the Intership Rotation Programme. Interns are actively involved in patient care in IPD patients. They are taught the skills of basic management in wards and also trained in dealing with medical emergencies. Interns are put on emergency duties along with the Residents so that they have hands on dealing with emergencies as well.
       Inters are actively involved in departmental research activities.        Weekly seminars are held for Interns and Residents in the department for teaching purposes.     Post-Graduate programme:
  • The department has started Post-graduate (PG) programme with six new PGs since July’2017. Every six months it will be refilled with newer PGs. They are backbone of the institute with regards to the patient care, academics, and research. It is a six-semester based three-year residency programme.
       There is a well designed training schedule, including thesis evaluation, along with clinical and other academic teaching activities. OPD services The OPD services are being provided to patients on weekdays from 9:00 am and finished when all patients are seen. Patients with all communicable and non-communicable diseases are seen here. Minor procedures like giving intra-articular injections given in OPD under all sterile conditions. Special Clinic:
  1. A dedicated Diabetic Clinic functions on every Mondays and Wednesdaysin room no. 1074 of the Medical OPD complex.  Apart from giving treatment, these patients are counselled, are educated about the need for timely management of Diabetes by showing the real case scenarios.
  2. A dedicated Geriatric Clinic functions on every Tuesdays in Medicine OPD area. It caters to the needs of the Geriatric population
  3. Other clinics run by the department are- Fever Clinic on Wednesdays, Lifestyle disease Clinic on Thursdays, Rheumatology Clinic on Fridays
IPD services Apart from general wards,we the department is having a four bedded high dependency unit (HDU). We are also having a six bedded Stroke Unit The department is doing all kinds procedures including kidney biopsies, liver biopsies, giving intra-articular injections, performing lumber punctures, ascetic and pleural taps.   Health awareness activities: Department is actively involved delivering Public Lectures.   CME / Workshop/ Conference: 
  • Workshop on Systematic Review and Evidence Based Medicine on 7,8,9 July 2016
  • Conducted Regional Round of Dr. SD Dheodar Rheumatology Quiz for postgraduates recently.
  New Initiative/development for teaching & training:
  • PBL and OSCE
  • Seminars & Symposiums by students
  • Case studies & Group discussions.
  • Quiz.
  • Interdepartmental CMEs
  Expenditure against budget provided in assessment committee:   on process    Future plans: In the field of medical education the department plans to start these short courses :
  1. Workshop for RMOs, GPs for management of Acute Emergencies
  2. Becoming a Medical educator course.
  3. ACLS training centre.
In the field of patient care: 1. Improving the quality and satisfaction of patient care by understanding population and patient medical health care needs and developing quality and sustainable medical care delivery models. 2. To start a dedicated unit/division for Geriatric patients. This unit will look after the health needs of this vulnerable group. There will be dedicated clinics for                             a) Comprehensive Geriatric Care                             b) Fall Clinic                             c) Hypertensive Clinic for Elderly                             d) Stroke Clinic                             e)  Pain clinic 3. To starta dedicated unit/division for patients suffering from Rheumatic Diseases. This unit will look after the patients suffering from various Connective Tissue Disorders. There will be dedicated clinics for a)      RA clinic b)      SLE clinic c)      Spondyloarthritis clinic d)      Pediatric Rheumatolology clinic e)      Scleroderma Clinic
  1. To starta dedicated unit/division for patients with various lifestyle related diseases. Establish a centre for Stress management and wellness.
  2. To extend the already running diabetic clinic
a)      Separate clinic for Insulin Dependent Diabetic patients. b)      Diabetic Foot Care Clinic. c)      Clinic for Diabetic Pregnant mothers.