FACILITIES & SERVICES: The field Practice areas for Rural and urban posting have been selected and students are taken regularly to these areas. These field practice areas are in the process of delivering community services and for establishing the Demographic Surveillance Site (DSS). Our vision is to cultivate these centres as the 'model – centre' for delivering primary and secondary level health care to community and to endow with the state of art teaching training activities for students. FUTURE PLANS:
  1. Low Cost Evidence Based Family Centric care continuum Clinic in hospital/ field practice area.
  2. Expansion of community based outreach preventive, promotive & curative care with an effective linkage mechanism to AIIMS, Rishikesh.
  3. Initiation of structured modular certificate courses on several aspects related to Community and Family Medicine.
S.No. Name of Project Investigators Funding agency

Completed projects

1- A study to evaluate the implementation of village health and nutrition days in Uttarakhand Dr. Vartika Saxena ICMR
2- A KAP study on folic acid supplementation- perspective of health providers and pregnant women of block Doiwala, district Dehradun Dr. Vartiks Saxena Dr. Ranjeeta Kumari Dr. Manisha Naithani AIIMS
3- A study on determinants of knowledge and treatment seeking behavior of TB patients in reference to joint TB HIV collaborative activities in Garhwal, Uttarakhand Dr. Ranjeeta Kumari Dr. Vartika Saxena AIIMS
4- To assess tha serum levels of homocysteine in pregnant women and analyze gene- nutrient interactions using serum homocysteine tetra hydro folic acid and dihydrofolate folate reductase levels Dr. Manisha Naithani Dr. Vartika Saxena Dr. Ranjeeta Kumari AIIMS
5- Assessment of pattern of Physical activity & associated factors in early middle aged population of an urban and rural area of Dehradun district Dr. Ranjeeta Kumari Deepankar Bansal STS Projects

Ongoing projects

1- A descriptive door to door survey on morbidity pattern of people residing in rural community of Raipur block, Uttarakhand Dr. Surekha Kishore AIIMS
2- An epidemiological study on tobacco use amongst inter college students in Rishikesh Dr. Surekha Kishore Dr. Ranjeeta Kumari Dr. Manisha Naithani AIIMS
3- An epidemiological study of accidental trauma in Uttarakhand with special focus on head injury Dr. Rajkumar Dr. Surekha Kishore Dr. Ranjeeta Kumari AIIMS
4- Epidemiological study of age of menarche in adolescent girls and its associated factors Dr. Surekha Kishore Mrs. Vasantha Kalyani AIIMS
5- A study on mental health status of elderly and its correlates in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand Dr. Ranjeeta Kumari Dr. Anindya DAs Deepankar Bansal AIIMS
6- Physical activity, fitness and screen time as correlates of health related quality of life (HRQoL) among school going adolescents in Garhwal division of Uttarakhand Dr. Ranjeeta Kumari Dr. Yogesh Singh AIIMS
7- Biosocial determinants of strabismus: A hospital based study Dr. Anupam Dr. Vartika Saxena Dr. Ranjeeta Kumari Self Funded
8- Pattern of Medical pluralism in patients under treatment for lifestyle diseases in a tertiary level hospital in Uttarakhand Dr. Ranjeeta Kumari Priyansh Gupta STS Project (Submitted)