Department has started functioning from 29.02.2016.  with joining of Dr. Debarati Chattopadhyay and Dr. Madhubari Vathulya (Joined on 12.06.16). The departmental faculty strength increased to four after joining of   Dr Vishal Mago Additional Professor and officiating head of the department on 29.05.17 and Dr. Akshay Kapoor Assistant professor (date of joining 26.02.18). and Dr. (Prof.) Rakesh Kain from VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital New Delhi joined as Professor and Head of the department on 05.09.2018   

Department of Burns & Plastic surgery is providing out-patient services since 2016 on everyday basis (Monday to Saturday). The various facilities provided in the out- patient clinic include consultation and counselling for all Burns, Plastic and reconstructive surgical cases The department is providing (IPD) in- patient care to patients requiring admission for surgical intervention. Department has 24 beds exclusively for Plastic Surgery with all the ancillary facilities required for comprehensive care. The department has the facility of operating 6 days in a week (Daily) since September 2018 for elective cases and full emergency back-up 24*7.

The myriad of surgeries perform in department are:

1.Craniofacial Surgery: Craniofacial cleft, Craniosynostosis like Metopic suture synostosis, Saggital suture synostosisi, Coronal suture synostosis Lambdoid synostosis (Plagiocephaly , Dolichocephaly, Trigonocephaly, Scaphocephaly etc.)Hemifacial macrosomia, treacher Collin’s syndrome, TMJ ankyloses

  1. Microvascular Reconstructive surgery: microvascular free tissue transfer like Anterolateral thigh flap(ALT), Free fibula for mandibular reconstruction, Gracilis, Latissimus dorsi, limb replantation and revascularization. Department has got highly advanced operating microscope in operation theatre. reconstruction of cancer surgery patient are done regularly.
  2. Cleft surgery: Cleft lip and palate surgery, surgeries for Velopharyngeal incompetence(VPI) and bony deformity .
  3. Hand surgery – Post burn hand deformities, post traumatic hand deformities, Nerve injury, Tendon injury, Old malunited fractures of hand with functional abnormalities, post electric burn hand, metacarpal hand, congenital hand deformities like Radial and Ulnar club hand, Syndactyly, Polydactyly, Lobster claw hand, clino and camptodactyly, Thumb duplication, Brachysyndactyly etc.
  4. Brachial plexus surgery: a devastating injury of upper limb involving C5,6 7,8 T1 Nerve with variable out come as a result of road accident or limb injury during birth or obstetric palsy. Reconstructive options like Neurotisation, tendon transfer, De-rotation of limb, muscle re-education, muscle transfer eg. Trapezius, Latissimus dorsi, pectoralis major, free functioning muscle transfer, arthrodesis to get maximum functional outcome.
  5. Aesthetic surgery: Liposuction, Breast augmentation and reduction, Abdominoplasty, Nose surgery, lip surgery, aesthetic facial surgery, contour deformity of face.
  6. Aesthetic facial surgery and facial nerve paralysis reconstruction: facial sling, gold plate, cross facial nerve graft, masseter nerve transfer, free functional muscle transfers for facial reanimation.

8 Sex reassignment surgery (SRS): gender reassignment surgery for psychological suitable patient.

Highlights of the Department:

  1. Operation theatre: modular operation theatre daily 6 days/week for elective cases and 24x7 emergency cases.

2.Speciality clinics: Hand surgery, Craniofacial surgery, Aesthetic surgery and Laser clinics in OPD Block

  1. Facial mould and Orthognathic model Lab: the plaster mould and dental models for the correction of orthognathic (Jaw) deformities.

4.Computerised assessment of pre and post-operative facial profile and other deformities: useful for jaw surgery, Nose surgery skeletal deformity of face and congenital or acquired deformity of face.

5.M. Ch course in Plastic surgery: Our Institute is offering regular M. Ch in Plastic surgery with capacity of 2+2 students every year.  02 Course started on 1st January 2018 and second batch joined on 1 July 2018

6 Non M.Ch. Senior residents: institute is offering senior residency in plastic surgery to post graduate students (M.S. ENT/ M.S. surgery) presently 3 non M.Ch. are working in department, with PG’s on rotation from Surgery.

  1. Microvascular training lab: There will be fully equipped Microvascular surgery lab for microsurgery, handling tissues and micro suture for the training of the residents. a separate microscope for the training of residents is functioning.
  2. Post graduate teaching: Department is conducting regular teaching and operative sessions at our institute. Many eminent surgeons from India as well as abroad are being approached to offer visiting services at our Plastic Surgery Department

8.RESEARCH & TRAINING; plan to have a very comprehensive schedule for training M.Ch. residents in the field of Plastic and reconstructive surgery. The training includes theoretical teaching, bedside clinical discussion, case presentation, seminar presentation, Journal club etc. there is exhausting interactive learning for students.

Further expansion of services other than reconstructive microvascular surgery and craniofacial surgery, hand transplant is being planned. Our department is capable of handling all types of cases electively/emergency as required at tertiary level/Apex care Institute.

  Faculty: Dr. Rakesh Kain                                                                                                Dr. Vishal Mago                B.Sc., M.A.(Psychology), MBBS, MS (Gen Surg.)                                                  MS (Gen Surg.), M.Ch.(Plastic Surgery) M.Ch.(Plastic Surgery)                                                                                       Additional Professor Professor & Head of Department                                                                         E-mail:     Dr. Debarati Chattopadhyay                                                                             Dr. Madhubari Vathulya MS, M.Ch.(Plastic Surgery)                                                                                 MS, M.Ch.(Plastic Surgery) Associate professor                                                                                            Associate professor E-mail:                                                                        E-mail:   Dr. Akshay Kapoor                                                                                             Dr. Mohd Altaf Mir MS (Gen Surg.), M.CH (Plastic Surgery)                                                               Assistant Professor Assistant Professor                                                                                             E-mail: E-mail:   Contact Us:     Department of Burns & Plastic  Surgery  All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. PIN- 249203 Email :