Introduction: The vision of AYUSH department is to position AYUSH system of medicine as the preferred systems of living and practice for attaining a healthy society. It  provides integrated approach of AYUSH services and Allopathic care  to the patients of Uttarakhand and surrounding states. Department of AYUSH, AIIMS Rishikesh has started its OPD services on 1st Feb 2017 and  also extended it’s services in form of  Panchkarma and Naturopathy procedures from March 2018. Department has also initiated basic research and Randomized controlled Trials(RCT) in collaboration with various allopathic department of the institute.   Services:  Existing facilities:  OPD Services: Ayurveda, Yoga and Homoeopathy medicine  Special clinic: Lifestyle disease clinic in collaboration with Dept. of General Medicine   Panchkarma procedures:
  1. Basti
    • Greeva basti
    • Kati basti
    • Ekang (janu) basti
  1. Nasya (Inclusive of abhyanga and swedana of shira griva etc.)
  2. Ekang Snehan
  3. Swedan
    • Ekang
    • Sarvang
  4. Shirodhara (Oil, Takra, Kwath etc.)
  5. Neta tarpan
  YOGA Group classes:
  1. Yoga class for Lifestyle disorders
  2. Yoga for health management of Students (Only for medical students)
  3. Yoga class for orthopaedic disorders , Rheumatic disorders, neurological and Psychological Disorders
  4. Yoga class for endocrinal disorders, cardiovascular disorders, Reproductive system disorders, Respiratory disorders
  5. Individual sessions
    • One to one yoga session
    • Cleansing practices ( Jala neti and Kunjal)
    • Yoga Nidra Sessions
   Naturopathy procedures:
  1. Mud therapy
    • Abdominal mud pack
    • Forehead /Facial mud pack
    • Local mud pack
  1. Hydrotherapy baths::
    • Steam Bath
    • Foot bath
    • Hand bath
    • Spinal bath
    • Hip bath
  1. Massage
    • Full body massage
    • Local massage
      • Neck and Hand Massage
      • Foot and Leg massage
      • Knee massage
      • Head massage
  1. Specific therapeutic bath
    • Asthma bath
  1. Fomentation pack
  2. Spinal spray
 Herbal Garden : Development of Herbal Garden is in full swing Vision for future:
  • Increasing awareness and reach of AYUSH services.
  • Initiating establishment of 30 bedded Indoor patients Department.
  • Ensuring quality AYUSH services are available at the institute.
  Faculty: Prof. Vartika  Saxena Head of AYUSH Department MD (Community and family medicine) Special Interest: Community based AYUSH research   Dr. Meenaxi Jagzape Senior Medical Officer MD (Ras Shastra and Bhaishjya kalpna) Special Interest: Panchkarma  therapies, Respiratory disorders, Urinary tract disorders, Herbal medicines   Dr. Anvita Singh Medical Officer (Yoga) PhD (Yoga and its effect on spinal cord injury) Special Interest:  Research in yoga and naturopathic medicine, Prenatal yoga, Lifestyle modification yoga, De- addiction yoga, Spinal yoga, Mud therapy and Hydrotherapy   Dr. Ravindra Anthwal Medical Officer( Homoeopathy) BHMS, CSD Special Interest: Skin disorders, Renal calculi, Community based Homoeopathic medicine   Dr. Vinteswari Nautiyal Medical Officer (AYUSH) BAMS, PGDY Special Interest: Research in lifestyle disorders and basic principles of Ayurvedic science   Dr. Vaishali Goel Medical Officer(AYUSH) BHMS Special Interest: Homoeopathic Medicines   Ongoing Research Projects:
S.No. Unit Title of project Type of project Year Name of Principle Investigator Collaborative Departments Status
1 Homoeopathy KAP study of AYUSH services among adults in Rishikesh District.   Intramural 2017  Dr. Ravindra Anthwal Dept. of Community and family Medicine Project completed Research paper published
2 Yoga and Naturopathy Psychological assessment in complete spinal cord injury after treatment of depression with regular yoga: a clinical trial Intramural   2018 Dr. Anvita Singh Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Psychiatry, Neurosurgery and PMR Data collection in process
3 Ayurveda Efficacy of “Draksharishtha” of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary diseases (COPD): double blind randomized controlled trial. Intramural   2018 Dr. Vartika Saxena                        Dept of General Medicine and Dept. of community and family medicine  Approved by IEC
4 Ayurveda Effectiveness of Ayurveda treatment on “Urdhwag Amlapitta” An exploratory study   Intramural   2018 Dr. Vinteswari Nautiyal Dept. of community and family medicine Approved by IEC
  • Introductory course on AYUSH for Medical undergraduates (M.B.B.S)
Activities:  Celebration of AYUSH days:
  • International Yoga day 2018 was celebrated as per protocol of Ministry of AYUSH on 21 Jun 2017.  Yoga  competition in various category  and yoga classess for students, faculty, officers and staff of AIIMS Rishikesh were conducted to celebrate this occasion.
  • National Ayurveda day was celebrated on Dhanvantri Jayanti in 2017. Guest lecture and Awareness camp was conducted in Kendriya Vidhyalaya School IDPL, Rishikesh to celebrate this occasion.
  • International Homoeopathic day  was celebrated on 10 April 2017.  Awareness camp was conducted in     Shivalik Bhagirathi Public School Shyampur Rishikesh on dated 10th April 2018.
Guest lectures
  • Guest lecture was organized on “Yoga and holistic healing” delivered by Dr. Kamakhya Kumar, HOD, Dept. of Yogic Science and Human consciousness, Uttarakhand Sanskrit University on 19th June 2017.
  • Guest lecture was organized on 7th feb 2018 by Ayurvedic unit. Prof. M. Sahu, HOD Shalya Tantra, BHU, Varanasi delivered his lecture on “Efficacy of Ayurveda in surgery”.
Public lecture
  • Public lecture was organized on “Therpeutic uses of yoga in various diseases and holistic health” delivered by Dr. Aseem Kulstrestha ,Assistant Professor , Devsanskriti Viswavidyalaya on 22 th June 2017.
 Workshops  Yoga for skill enhancement and stress management” was conducted on 7th Jan 2018 at Police training centre, Narendra nagar, Tehri garhwal.
  • “Live Operative workshop on Kshar Sutra” was conducted on 8th feb 2018 in collaboration with department of surgery, AIIMS, Rishikesh.
 Memorandum of Understanding
  • MoU signed between AIIMS, Rishikesh and Devsanskriti Viswavidyalaya on 21st November 
  • MoU signed between AIIMS, Rishikesh and University of Patanjali Haridwar on19th December 2017.
Health Camp for Public Awareness:
  • CAMP I  : On 10/12/17 a free medical camp was organized in Shyampur khadri.
  • CAMP II : On 17/12/17 a free medical camp was organized in Tapovan (Tehri
  • CAMP III: On  07/01/18 a free medical camp was organized in PTC Narendra Nagar  
                     (Tehri Garhwal).
  • CAMP IV : On 21/01/18 a free medical camp was organized in Shyampur Haridwar
  Contact us: Department of AYUSH All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India - 249203 Phone no. : 0135-24620540 E mail: