The Department provides the best possible resources to staff and students to enable research, teaching and learning to occur effectively and ensure that the highest health and safety standards are achieved by:

  • Facilitating the professional development of members of the Department.
  • Continuing to develop the Department’s existing space.
  • Ensuring that our Department possess the best quality equipment.
  • Ensuring that all aspects of the Department’s facilities conform to the highest health and safety standards that includes-
  • Gross Anatomy Museum
  • Embryology Museum    
  • Dissection Hall  
  • Demonstration Rooms
  • Seminar Room
  • Osteology Lab
  • Histology Lab
  • Cytogenetic Lab
  • Immunohistochemistry Lab        



    EMBALMING-  (Donated Body)                


                                                I .VOLUNTRY BODY DONATION

The Department believes on the altruistic action of the public to maintain its teaching of, and research into, human anatomy.

The chief  value of body donation is for teaching anatomy to medical students. Acquiring a sound knowledge of the structure of the human body is possible only if students of anatomy have access to human bodies for careful dissection and study.

Cadaveric dissection is an important element of the teaching schedule in medical college. It aids the medical students to understand human anatomy and consequently utilize this knowledge for their clinical subjects. The surgeons also requires to update their knowledge. The Department of Anatomy, AIIMS,Rishikesh wishes to create awareness among people about voluntary body donation for teaching and research purposes.

The interested person while alive may voluntarily donate his/her body and express his/her will in writing (form can be obtained from the Anatomy Office, AIIMS,Rishikesh) and inform his next kith & kin about the same. The dead body should be preferably transported to the Department of Anatomy, AIIMS, Rishikesh within working hours. If the body is brought in non-working hours, it may be temporarily kept in the Mortuary of the Department.



1. Department of Anatomy, AIIMS,RISHIKESH, accepts donation of body after death for teaching and scientific advancement.

 2. The WILL FORM and DONOR CARD duly completed in duplicate by the donor should be submitted to the office of the Head of the Department of Anatomy, AIIMS,RISHIKESH for registration.

 3. The body of the voluntary donor with death certificate, from competent medical personnel should be handed over by the next kin, to the Department of Anatomy.

 4. Body after accident, medico-legal case or any other form of unnatural death will not be accepted.

 5.After the death of the donor, the information should be conveyed to the Department of Anatomy, AIIMS Rishikesh.