Department of Anatomy
AIIMS, Rishikesh

It occupies parts of first and ground floors of the Institute. Major activities are centered around teaching and research. Students for MBBS course are admitted once a year.

Anatomy lays foundation of Medical science. The clear and comprehensive knowledge of entire medical science is based on human anatomy as human anatomy is science of macro/micro structure and forms of the human body. Good health is directly related to standard structures of human anatomy and its variants. Therefore without sound knowledge of human anatomy to medical under graduates, their medical knowledge, skill and experience will be imperfect. No expertise of any branch of medical sciences can be fully developed if anatomy has not been fully understood because this provides the precise idea of position, shape, size, relations, structure, and function of all the structures present in the body. This is basic and most important constituent of medical science. Therefore the teaching of Anatomy in association with most advanced technology in presenting anatomical knowledge to the undergraduates will be focused in this institute.

State of art of teaching anatomy by way of lectures/audiovisuals and practical training in dissection may be coupled with new technologies to impart knowledge of structures and morphological features in human body for advancing their skill in various branches of medical/clinical knowledge. The institute is committed to produce world class doctors to serve the country at a global standard.

The anatomy is stratified in Gross Anatomy, Developmental Anatomy, Histology, Radiography and Genetics for better disbursal of knowledge by highly competent faculty and equipped with best configuration of labs, tutorials, demonstrations and well planned lectures.