AIIMS Rishikesh provides only the facility for transacting with patients through the Internet. The service delivery is subject to the acts and rules promulgated by the Government from time to time. Electronic delivery of Government services are in compliance to the IT act 2000. The special conditions and the terms of service applicable to Internet delivery are detailed in this document.

The following terms and conditions will apply if you wish to use the Internet for availing a service. Please go through the conditions carefully and if you accept them, you may create a user and transact on the site. After creating a user you have to register the basic personal details on the site for availing a service (this is not required for bill payment services). The user creation and registration are Aadhar (UID) linked so that no user can register more than once on the site. Please note that once you register yourself on the site, you are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions set forth below. If You do not agree with all these terms and conditions, you must not transact on this Website. Once you have clicked the ‘I Agree’ buttons at the bottom of these Terms and Conditions you have entered into a formal agreement with AIIMS Rishikesh for the purpose of transactions on this website

If a user violates the terms and conditions of use by registering more than one user id and or availing services on such multiple use rids, AIIMS Rishikesh reserves the right to deactivate all such user registration and cancel any or all services requested without any notice. Garbage / Junk values in profile may lead to Deactivation.

Government’s performance of this agreement is subject to existing laws and legal processes of AIIMS Rishikesh, and nothing contained in this agreement is in derogation of Government’s right to comply with law enforcement requests or requirements relating to your use of this Web Site or information provided to or gathered by AIIMS Rishikesh with respect to such use. You agree that AIIMS  Rishikesh may provide details of your use of the Web Site to regulators or police or to any other third party, or in order to resolve disputes or complaints which relate to the Web Site, at AIIMS Rishikesh complete description

This agreement is made between: AIIMS Rishikesh and The User (‘You’), the individual, whose details are set out in the Portal User Creation page.