College of Nursing is committed to generate scientific empirical evidences on local, regional and national nursing issues/problems to improve the nursing care practices, education and administration. Faculty College of Nursing will be motivated to continuously carryout the research and develop empirical evidences on essential thrust areas of nursing discipline i.e. basic nursing care, critical care nursing, infection control, hospital and community epidemiology, cost-effectiveness of care, patient satisfaction, nursing informatics, spirituality & yoga in care and nursing care quality indicators.

Text Books Published by Faculty:

  1. Sharma SK. Human Genetics in Nursing. 2nd ed. New Delhi: Jaypee Publication, 2010.
  2. Sharma SK. Biophysics in Nursing. New Delhi: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publication, 2010.
  3. Sharma SK. Nursing Research & Statistics. New Delhi: Elsevier Reed Publication, 2011.
  4. Sharma SK. Sharma R. Communication & Educational Technology in Nursing. New Delhi: Elsevier Reed Publication, 2012.
  5. Potter PA, Perry AG, Sharma SK. Thomas D. Potter and Perry’s Fundamentals of Nursing: South Asian Edition. Elsevier Publication, August 213.
  6. Sharma SK. Text book of Biochemistry & Biophysics for Nurses. Jaypee Brothers Medical Publication, November, 2013.

Research Publications (Since March, 2013):

  1. Sharma SK, Garg B, Sagar N. Perceived Gender Bias and Expected Family Size among Expecting Women. Nursing and Midwifery Research Journal Jan-April 2013;9(1):34-39. 
  2. Kumar R, Sharma SK. Trends of Communicable and Non-communicable diseases in Uttarakhand State: A systemic Review. Indian Journal of Community Health April-June 2013;25(2):178-197.
  3. Sharma SK, Kamra PK. patient satisfaction with nursing in public and private hospitals. International Journal of Nursing Care: An International Journal July-Dec 2013;1(2):134-139.
  4. Sood A, Midha V, Sharma SK, Sood N, Bansal M, Thara A, Khana P. Influximab in patients with sever steroid refrectory ulcerative colitis: Indian experience. Indian Journal of Gastroenterology, September 2013.   
  5. Sood A, Midha V, Goyal O, Goyal P, Sood N,  Sharma SK. Profile of Hepatocelluar carcinoma in a tertiary care hospital in Punjab, North India. Indian Journal of Gastroenterology, September 2013.     

Intramural & Extramural research projects:

  1. Sharma SK. Kalyani V. Intramural Project on ‘Patient satisfaction with Out Patient services of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Rishikesh’. (As Principal investigator)- In process.
  2. Varshney S. Sharma SK. Tracheostomy suctioning: Exploration of knowledge and practices of nurses working in selected tertiary care hospitals in Uttarakhand State (As Co-investigator)-In process.
  3. Kishor S. Sharma SK. A descriptive door-to-door survey on morbidity pattern of people residing in rural community of Raipur Block, Uttarakahnd. State (As Co-investigator)- In process.
  4. Dubey A. Sharma SK. Evaluation of ABO, Rh and other minor antigen frequencies in the population of Uttarakhand region (As Co-investigator)-In process.