As a premier institute AIIMS Rishikesh is providing world class undergraduate and post graduate teaching-learning programmes. Innovation in modern medical education, development of economical simple user-friendly handy instruments based on modern technology and cutting edge research in better understanding of various body functions and aetiopathology of diseases. The labs of the department will be a supplement to patient care in association with clinical departments and interdisciplinary collaborative research.


Following Labs in the various disciplines for the above propose are envisioned:-

  • Autonomic function lab
  • Chronobiology Lab
  • Pain lab
  • Cognitive & stress physiology lab
  • Emotion and affective lab
  • Sleep lab
  • Yoga Research Lab
  • Mind Body Medicine & Enriched environment setup
  • Environment lab
  • Reproductive physiology lab
  • Signal acquisition, analysis & Instrument development lab


The above projects will be carried out in coordination with other disciplines of this institute as well as in collaboration with other premier institutes of India and abroad. We also intend to incorporate the benefit of allied and alternative disciplines of medicine like ayurveda, homeopathy, yoga, meditation on the basis of scientific research.