1.     Entry to the library premises including reading room is allowed only to persons carrying

        Identity card and Library card of AIIMS, Rishikesh.

2.     The Administration reserves the right to ask any user who is not complying with library rules

        to leave the library or even cancel the membership.

3.     The issued item once issued cannot be taken inside the library beyond issue- counter.

4.     Student /Faculty is allowed to borrow maximum 02 books at a time for 15 days only.

5.     Mobile must be switched off in the library.

6.     If a student loses his/her library card, he/she will pay a fine Rs.50/-for duplicate library card.

7.     A Fine of Rs 50 will be charged for any loss or damage to the bar code.

8.     No personal books or belongings are allowed in the library.

9.     Membership is free of cost.